Papers on the Political Economy
of Software and the Internet
Andrew D. Todd

(First Series, Dec 11, 2001, Rev. June 25, 2003, dates are those of authorship, not necessarily of posting)

Notes Towards An Action-Program To Defend Open-Source Software Against Patents.
(Feb 6, 2001).


Computers and Mathematics Education From First Principles: An Outsider's View.
(July 21, 2001).


Copyright and the Used Book Market.
(May 15, 2000).


Where is Software Going?
(Sept. 28, 2001)


Software Piracy and the Crisis of Capitalism


The Information Economy and the Future of War.
(first version June 1996, revised Dec. 10, 2001).


An Informational Solution To The Oil Crunch.
(June 27, 2000)


A Realistic and Modest Proposal for the Redevelopment of Lower Manhattan.
(Dec. 23, 2002)


The Free Amazons of Cybernatia: Women Computer Programmers, 1960-1980
(first version written 1996, most recent revison, 2/28/2003)


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