A Historical Novel Culminating in a revised Battle of Midway


Bill Todd


To be accompanied by a strategic computer simulation of the battle programmed by the author.

      Prologue: From Fact to Fiction

Part I

      1. A Young Lady in Awkward Circumstances

      2. Fun at the Mayflower

      3. Murphy's View

      4. The Lady Speaks for Herself

      5. Beating the Bushes

      6. The Art of Rejection

       7. A Japanese-American Lady

       8. An Unusual Initiative

       9. A Youthful View of the World

      10. Murphy's New View

      11. The Sunny South

      12. A Spring Vacation

      13. The Voodoo Religion

      14. A Need to Go Abroad

Part II

      15. A New Country

      16. Setting Up Operations

      17. Further Organization

       18. Fighter v. Fighter

       19. Summing Matters Up

        20. Plucking Geese

        21. High Politics

        22. Timmy

        23. Serenity at Sea

Part III

        24. Chart-Room Politics

         25. The Eve of Battle

          26. Attack

          27. Sendai's Strike

          28. The Decisive Moments

          29. An Unexpected Source of Information

          30. The Need to Innovate

          31. A Last Attempt

          32. Post-Mortem

          33. The Politics of Defeat

          34. Tears of Victory

 The Computer Simulation