Bill Todd

This  is an odd little book about rowboats. It's  personal  in  always  addressing  you, the reader, in the  second  person,  and there's  a good deal of advice about boats and rowing, mostly  in  the ocean.
   You  are  also invited to put yourself  in  various  fictional positions, sometimes female, sometimes male, sometimes young, and sometimes old. In addition to rapid changes of age and sex,  your race  and  nationality, not to mention your economic  and  social position, will spin out of control. So will your luck, or lack of it,  on the ocean. Consider, then, embarking on a guided  fantasy of a nautical sort.

1. Honor and Humiliation

2. Instability

3. Approaches to the Sea

4. The Ohio River

5. Beaches and Ice

6. Aluminum

7. Cruising

8. Le Grand Nord

9. On Being a Guru

10. Bufoonery at the Finish Line

11. Sunny San Diego

12. Unorthodox Locomotion

13. A Flower of the Orient

14. Afterthoughts

15. Another Little Game

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