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The  Website of Andrew D. Todd and Bill Todd.

Bill Todd


 OFFICE POLITICS  A Historical Novel Culminating in a revised Battle of Midway.

 A POLITE DESPERADO AND HIS NICE WIFE   A Historical Novel Culminating in a revised Battle of France.

 Klaus: A Railway Novel     A revised version of Polite Desperado

BEAT TO THE DRAW :  A Novel of the Cold War



ADRIENNE: A Novel of the Markets

DANDERTON: A Novel of the Thirties and Forties

JONES: A Novel of the Early Cold War

       Jones:A Novel of the Early Cold War, V. 2.0   A Revised Version Reflecting Additional Research


BOLLINGER: A Novel of the Prairie

Melissa and Jethro: A Quirky Little Novel

A Harvard Story

Innovative Morality: A Short Novel of the Thirties

An Uneasy Utopia

Two Aviators



Tim and Sharon


 Special Relativity and Common Sense

Andrew D. Todd

  First Series, Collected Materials

Contains software for WordStar/MS-DOS users, papers on military honor and cognitive science.


 First Series, Papers on Political Economy of Software

Papers on the political economy of software and the internet, dealing especially with intellectual property rights and the rise of the public domain.
Second series, Papers on War and Peace

Second series, Papers on War and Peace.
Materials Previously Posted On History News Network



A couple of pieces produced during my illness.

Lizzie The Dog's Home Page

The New Dog

This website will be used to post assorted materials we have written and are writing, on a variety of topics, reflecting our varied interests.
   There is  some militaria and navalia, especially a group of novels dealing what could have happened but did not, at various decisive battles (Midway, Battle of France, Battle of Britain, etc). There is  some history, philosophy, anthropology, and cognitive studies.  There are some writings on the future of computers and the internet. There is some software which we have produced, especially utilities useful for  Wordstar/MS-DOS users. There are also computer simulations incidental to various other projects. And of course there will be a book about rowboats, from which the website name is derived.
    We will convert and post the various materials as time permits.  Upon request, we will suppy lists of our publications in book and other print forms. Likewise, the materials posted here may be available in other formats.  If you want materials in print form, that also may be arranged.


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