A Novel of the Cold War


Bill Todd

1. Empty Space and Air Power

2. The Top Table and the Think Tank

3. Niches and Diplomatic Incidents

4. Leaders and Computers

5. Polar Opposites

6. A Troublesome Aristocrat

7. Soviet Men and Soviet Defectors

8. Beauty and Intelligence

9. War Gaming and Religion

10. Striking First

11. Quasi-War and Quasi-Love

12. Two Russian Women

13. Danger and Simulation

14. Anger and Hysteria

15. Culture and Economics

16. Hope and Despair

17. Judo and War

18. Sex and Bondage

19. The Mongol Factor

20. Sex and Influence

21. Near Misses and Hits

22. Polar Bears and Spies

23. Children and Marriage

24. Mortguages and Algorithyms

25. A Couple of Social Occasions

26. Potatoes and Golf

27. A Dance and a Reconciliation

28. An Address Book and a Modest Proposal

29. Boris and his Master

30. A Meeting of the Minds

31. A Leak and its Consequences

32. A Pleasant Fantasy and a Scare

33. The Luck of the Draw

34. Crisis Management and Soccer

35. An Even Draw

36. An Anti-Climactic Ending

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